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Thread: Is Better Business Bureau membership worth the cost?

  1. Is Better Business Bureau membership worth the cost?


    I've passed the one-year mark for my online retailing business, which means my business is now elligible for membership in the Online Better Business Bureau. The cost is $450 for the 1st year and $375 per year after that.

    Can any of the experienced members please comment on whether or not it is worth the expense? I think the BBB logo adds alot of credibility, but want to make sure it actually translates into sales and higher conversion rates.


  2. some years ago, I'd have answered the question with a clear yes.
    Now, I am not that sure anymore, as they have changed - I wonder if they still protect the customers at the first place , or their members.
    It would be understandable - who bites the feeding hand ?
    Understandable yes, but right, I doubt it.
    So maybe yes, if you look for a kind of protection from disgrunteled customers.

  3. I'm interested in it as a way to boost my conversion rate. By having the BBB logo on my site I'm presuming that that would add credibility to the site and make a few more customers willing to make a purchase. But, at my current margins, I would have to see an incremental 20 or so sales per year just to break even on the annual cost. I know I can't measure the ROI anyway, so I was just wondering if there were any other sellers on here who have become BBB members and who have placed the BBB logo on their sites...

  4. that's how I understood you - I personally don't think that the BBB logo will help you a lot.
    Most of your credibility is determined by - is your contact address incl. phonenumber visible - can you be easily contacted - are you reliable - do you stand by what you offer - show your custumer, that you care - show the difference between any "supermarket" and your way of treating your customer very special.
    A CC logo, clicked - showing it is you will help - a BBB logo - I'd use, when I have all other bases covered.

  5. Thanks Matt. I agree with alot of what you say. I think the BBB membership would be beneficial in increasing credibility, leading to some increase in conversion. What I'm struggling with is determining whether those benefits are worth the steep annual cost of BBB membership.

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