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  1. Global Stl Global Pay

    It's been a while since I posted anything on our forum. My three sites have not generated much business, and seem to be costing me more to keep them going than I'm getting in return. I do wish Stores Online had been honest enough with us to tell us how expensive this whole endeavor would be.
    I have a new problem that's popped up and I hope someone can tell me how to handle it. I received an overdraft notice on my business checking account yesterday. I went to the bank to straighten it out today, and learned that a company calling itself "Global Stl Global Pay" has been withdrawing from my account - first $5.00, then several $30.00 charges, and lastly, $109.00. I have no recollection of doing any business with them, and certainly didn't authorize the withdrawals. I have American Express and use ECI for my transactions. ECI bills me monthly. I looked up Global Stl Global Pay on the Rip-Off Report and there were several complaints about them I just wondered if any of you had had any dealings with them, and if so, how you handled it. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


  2. Do you also cover Discover? Discover while back did this whammy thing with this company.. I forget what its called, but even if you said no.. they billed your merchant account thru discover.. some travel, insurance, discount buyers service. I cant remember the name.. any way.. I managed to get a refund out of it and reamed discover too.

    I dont recognize the name you gave.. but.. Id look to one of these DISCOVER affiliates.


  3. re Global

    Thanks, Karen for the advice. My sites accept Discover but I don't use it myself. I will look into it. I also have a friend at my bank who is trying to track it down.

  4. I dont use Discover either.. this was alll done on the Merchant acct end.


  5. Update

    I spent most of the day on the phone, trying to track down these creeps. I found two phone numbers in the Rip-Off Report - One was a credit card leasing company that denied any affiliation with Global Stl Global Pay. The other number was actually the one I needed to call, however it was all voice mail, and when I finally got to customer service, the message was "Please enter the last 6 digits of your merchant account." Since I had done no business with them, I didn't have a merchant account.
    Then I called ECI. They didn't know who these people are either. SOL Customer Support was very nice. They assured me that this is not a company that they do business with. I Googled the name, and found what may be their website (not sure) and emailed them through their "contact us" link. I received an immediate automated response stating they will attend to my ticket as soon as possible. Monday, I plan to go to my bank and put a stop payment on any charges from Global. Since I caught it before 30 days, I should get most of my money back.

  6. Yeah.. but they got your bank acct info someplace.. and im guessing its Discover card because you DO have a separate acct with them. As I told you.. they pulled off this double dealing billing on several of us before. Let us know if this is in any way connected with them.


  7. more of the same

    I think I know who these people are and why I got billed. Today I got a statement from North American Bancard stating that they had billed my account $109.00. The 800 number on the statement is the same number as Global Stl Global Pay. Since the account number was on the statement, I called, and stayed on hold 30 minutes before I hung up. I remember that earlier last year, I got a call from a guy named Sean Guillen, who stated he was with Authorize.net. He convinced me that for a one-time fee of $173, Authorize.net would take care of my merchant accounts on all my websites and any future ones, with a monthly fee of $5.00. It sounded good, so I said ok. However, I had some questions after I made the transaction, and had a hard time reaching Sean. When I emailed him, he responded, but seemed to have me mixed up with another client. I NEVER sent in the application, and also did not cancel ECI. I forgot all about it - we have had a number of family difficulties since then (daughter diagnosed with breast cancer and my husband had a stroke), and have sort of let things slide. Then these debits on my checking account came out of the blue. So I guess it's partly my fault for being so gullible. I am going to cancel the account with them, and put a block on them at my bank, and if that doesn't work, I will close that checking account and reopen it under another number, and do the same with the credit card, although they haven't accessed it (yet).

  8. Authorize.net doesnt bill under American Bancard. This guy MAY be a reseller of authorize.net and thought he was setting you up a merchant account. That makes sort of sense... otherwise not at all. At some point tho.. he must have gotten your banking info or you couldnt have gotten billed..so.. If ECI or someone else didnt give him that info or you didnt purchase some sort of SECURITY suite theres no way for them to bill you.


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    And I trust auth.net totally- but not necessarily resellers.

    But I would get all the money back if you didn't give final authorization of any of this. And the fact that they make it so hard to contact makes it that much shadier.

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  10. I got the same charge on my business bank account for 19 cents. Its from North American bancard. Its the transaction fee for processing a credit card with my Payanywhere account.

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